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Dr. Bernard Stern
International Center for Male & Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery
4216 King Street
King Street West Office Park
Alexandria, Virginia 22302
 Please call me personally for any additional information:

Fax: 703.845.7409


Look again at my before and after digital photographs on our website: 
Web  http://aventuracosmeticsurgery.com/index.cfm/PageID/5395

and you’ll understand why 4 – 5 women a day fly to Washington, D.C. (Alexandria, Virginia) from all over the United States and the world for me to operate on them.

If after reading everything below you have any unanswered questions or concerns regarding FEMALE COSMETIC GENITAL SURGERY, please call me personally for any additional information:  You may reach Carol in the office: 703.845.7406.

We are a $ 200 plane flight from anywhere in the continental U.S.  Our surgery center is 10 minutes from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  I do 4 – 5 cases a day on women from all over the world.  Because so many of my patients are from out of state, my office is very skilled at assisting you with consultation, travel, and surgery plans.


(Anesthesia is additional!)



With hood
$6000 - 6500
Single with hood
Labiaplasty Plus (Perineoplasty) $7500
Labiaplasty-hood Plus (Perineoplasty) $8500
Vaginoplasty $4800
Perineoplasty ONLY $3500
Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Combination Surgery $7200
Hymenoplasty $4000
G Spot Enhancement Single dose $1850
Double dose $2500

         Call Carol in the office 703.845.7406

      For help with consultation, travel, surgery scheduling

            Payment methods & financing Information

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is very important.  It is not like buying a used car or a couch.  You don’t want the cheapest, easiest, or the closest.  In fact you want quite the opposite. A fine Swiss watch or an elegant European automobile, you’ll have to pay more for.  It’s your body and you get only one chance at getting this surgery done right. Don’t look for bargains when it comes to your body! Look at the facilities (we are a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (www.JCAHO.com)  ambulatory, outpatient, surgical facility with two operating rooms, two complete surgical teams, pre-op and recovery for 4). Look at the Doctors’ credentials.  (You can even go on-line to myflorida.com and look me up), and most of all look at a lot of examples of his or her work.  If you don’t see dozens of pictures, ask the doctor or nurse how many vaginal cosmetic surgeries he or she has done in the last year.  Based on the examples of my work posted on the website, I have been asked to teach, to lecture, to train other physicians all over the world!

Most women fly in the day before surgery by 2 pm.  For your safety, if you have not had medical clearance from your private MD, we will have arranged clearance 4 you when you arrive. I then will do a history and physical, draw labs, review consents and forms, call in medications, and shoot the first set of digital photos.  You and I immediately view the photos on a monitor and you and I custom design exactly what you would like to look like.  You stay overnight at one of several motels or hotels we have arrangements with.  The next morning is surgery.  Computer generated digital before and proposed “cuts” are posted on screens in the Operating Room.  In addition, prior to anesthesia, I mark your labia and/or vagina along proposed lines of dissection, and you and I go over again the desired results.  Following surgery, if you choose, for $ 250, you can stay overnight with us, “pain-free” with a nurse, or stay at the motel.  I see you the next morning before you fly out.  For either procedure alone, usually 3 – 4 days and you can return to work.  If you have both procedures performed at the same sitting, usually you’d like 6 – 7 days off work.  A 6 week post op visit is encouraged, however since 90 % of my patients are from out of state, a digital photo and follow up phone call is the norm.  No tampons, g-strings, or sex for at least 4 – 6 weeks.  As with any surgery, complete healing is 13 weeks (3 months).  Call Carol in the office 703.845.7406.

Read all the information below.  I treat ‘your condition’ with the highest discretion and secrecy.  We Require ID (you can hide your real name) to verify age 18 only. Many of my patients use nicknames.  You can pay in cash.  You only call me, no one ever gets your phone number.   I DO MORE THAN ANYONE!  There are no pictures on the website (as you can tell) because of the total confidentiality.  You’re a $ 200 flight away. 


This surgery is performed only at the request of someone who needs the surgery for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons. The hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that sits in the lower 1/3 of the vagina.  It marks the spot that the vulvo-vaginal bulbs fuse with the Mullerian ducts from above, then hollows out to form the vagina.  Most often there is a 5 or 6 pointed star-like opening in the hymen after maturity.  With first intercourse, or by accident from falling or forcing tampons, 2 or 3 areas tear in the hymen.  There is most often bleeding at the time of tearing.  The procedure to reconstruct the hymen, is after using local anesthetic for tissue dissection and to stop small blood vessels from bleeding, the areas which were torn are “denuded” meaning the upper layer of tissue is removed.  This is so that they will grow back together when they are approximated with stitches.  Then after they are denuded, the edges are brought back together to reform the star-shaped “ring” as it was prior to relations, accident, etc. It is made small enough, so that when first sexual relations occur later on, it will “tear” again, there will be some pain, and there will be bleeding. 

Please call our office703-845.7406 to schedule your free consultation.

You can email him now @

Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures



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