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Laser resurfacing in Orange and Torrance CA

Laser Plastic Surgery
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  wrinkle treatment

Laser Wrinkle/Scar Removal

Laser Resurfacing can treat not only wrinkles but also sun-damaged skin, growths, acne scarring, and other conditions. Resurfacing lasers have for the most part replaced chemical peels and dermabrasion. The precision of these lasers have enabled doctors to remove tissue precisely, without blood, and to a desired depth. They also tighten collagen fibers.


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Laser Resurfacing does have its disadvantages, depending on post operative care and depth of the resurface, healing times may be long (up to 30 days or longer). Redness, infection and undesirable results due to limited experienced physicians performing the procedure are all possible.

The Erbium and the CO2 laser are used for skin resurfacing. The difference between the two lies in depth penetration. The CO2 laser is more powerful, in experienced hands will produce great results. The Ebrium has the same properties as a CO2 but has limited depth penetration, limiting its effectiveness.

The Erbium laser is said to be safer, faster healing, less redness, and less scarring than the CO2. This is true because the less the skin is penetrated the quicker the healing time and the less the chances of scarring and complications.

Laser resurfacing has its benefits of tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles, removing scars and blemishes but it is an operation and has risks. If post operative care is not followed carefully, scarring, infection and color changes will appear rendering the procedure more harmful.

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